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The Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund

The Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund Committee

The Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund Committee seeks applications for financial support for eligible activities for annual awards before 1 March. The guidelines for submittals of these grants and award criteria are listed below.

Purpose: The Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund (IEF) provides long-term future opportunities for the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and the International Fisheries Section (IFS) to support international fisheries activities that support the AFS’s long-term international goals. Currently, international members are not subsidized by AFS dues passed back to Divisions or Chapters. The Endowment Fund is a way to “payback” the international members who have and will continue to support the Society.  This fund helps AFS meet its Strategic Plan goals for international programs. This endowment is managed by the IFS and administered by a committee established byIFS and used for a variety of international programs and projects consistent with the international strategic goals of AFS.

Annual Disbursement Amount: Yearly decisions on the total amount of the annual IEF disbursement and investment strategy will be made by the IFS Executive Committee. There is no predetermined fixed amount target for annual distribution. It should be emphasized that in some years some of the funds principal can be used for the program. In some years there may be one large award or several small awards.

Proceeds from the fund will be used to support activities such as complementary international AFS memberships, awards, purchase of books and journals, supporting speakers here and abroad, providing seed money for international conferences, symposia and workshops, and helping scientists to publish scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and books. Other uses that further the goals of IFS and AFS may be considered that are consistent with the intent of this fund.

Eligibility: The fund especially targets students, biologists, managers and scientists during the early stages of their career. IFS especially welcomes applications by young researchers (35 years of age or younger), and scientists from countries with ‘economies in transition’. As funds are limited, priority will be given to eligible applicants requiring only partial support (e.g. airfare or hotel/ allowance). Full support may be considered for unique applicants.

Funding will support only activities or materials to be used by individuals or institutions that maintain a permanent residence outside of the US and Canada. The IEF awards may be made directly to the recipient either in advance or preferable after expenses have occurred that are consistent with the “Uses” clause or to the recipients affiliated institution in repayment for funds already expended in anticipation of the award. In all cases, receipts are required from the award winners that are consistent with the award designation.

Instructions to Applicants: All applications for the IEF should be emailed to the current IFS president (listed under “Officers” link on this website; use e-mail subject line “C.R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund – Grant Application”), and the president will forward them to the assigned IEF Committee Chair (to be delegated yearly). The applications will then be distributed to committee members for their review, ranking and decision. Each committee member will review the applications, provide a written summary of their recommendations so that the committee can document their deliberations, and return these to the chairman. The chair will then act on those recommendations and provide the final recommendations to the IFS EXCOM for final approval and disbursement of funds.

All applications should be submitted electronically and include the following:

A cover letter that includes the purpose for the request, justification or rational for requesting support from the fund, a statement addressing why the applicant believes they are eligible for the IEF, a detailed budget including total request, amount requested from the fund, and any matching funds than can be contributed by the applicant. Proposals that include matching funds will be given the highest priority. A CV or resume which includes present and past educational history, current and past positions held, publication record, presentations at scientific meetings, other professional experiences, any service to AFS or IFS, or any AFS/IFS participation. An application may be returned unreviewed if any part is missing, or if it is received after the grant closure date for annual meeting support. Grant support for meeting support should be submitted 6 months prior to the time when funding support is needed.

Recipients of awards will be selected on a competitive basis. Decisions will be made primarily on meeting the programs criteria, need, justification, research promise, scientific method and academic and professional achievement. Submission of an application acknowledges the applicant’s acceptance that the decision of the IEF Executive Committee is final.

Deadline: To be determined…

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