What We Do

School of Fisheries world bank globalIFS activities are focused in the areas of exchange of information, sponsorship of meetings and symposia, and facilitation of international cooperation among fisheries scientists. Past accomplishments and current activities include:

What We Do

  • Administers the Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund, which is used to fund memberships, travel to AFS annual meetings, & other international fisheries activities by persons residing outside Canada & the USA.
  • Sponsors the International Fisheries Section Fellow student exchange between annual meetings of the AFS and the Fisheries Society of the British Isles.
  • Administers the International Fisheries Science Prize (awarded every 4 years at the World Fisheries Congress).

2015. Led reductions in annual meeting registration & AFS membership fees for international scientists.
2015. Assisted program planning for the European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission’s symposium on recreational fishing in Lillehammer, Norway.
2015. Sponsored Standard Methods for Sampling Freshwater Fishes: Opportunities for International Collaboration at the AFS Portland annual meeting.
2014. Provided funding & trade show oversight for the Western Division annual meeting in Mazatlan (first Division meeting held outside the USA or Canada).
2014. Supported travel for international speakers in three international symposia: Dam Impacts on Fishery Resources; Jawless Fishes of the World; and Reproductive Behavior & Recruitment in Marine Fishes: Emerging Understanding & Future Needs at the Quebec City AFS annual meeting
2013-2015. Supported formal agreements and President exchanges between the AFS and the Australian Society for Fisheries Biology, Brazilian Society of Ichthyology, China Society of Fisheries, Fisheries Society of the British Isles, Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, and Korean Society of Fisheries & Aquatic Science.
2012. Puerto Rico Chapter of AFS formed, with support of Southern Division & IFS.
2006. Established the International Fisheries Science Prize.
2006. Mexico Chapter of AFS formed, with support of Western Division & IFS.
2005. Merged the International Fisheries Endowment Fund with the Carl R. Sullivan Fund and the International Membership Fund into a single entity.
2005. Supported Southeast Asia tsunami relief.
2004. Co-sponsored the World Fisheries Congress in Vancouver, BC.
2002. Established the International Fisheries Endowment Fund.
2002. Awarded 28 AFS/IFS memberships to Mexican scientists.
2001. Sponsored a variety of Mexican oral and poster presentations integrated throughout the program at the AFS Phoenix annual meeting.
2000. Sponsored the International Conference on Wood in the World’s Rivers held in Corvallis, Oregon.
1999. Organized first North America/China symposium for the AFS Charlotte annual meeting.
1997. Sponsored Biology of Fisheries for Sharks in the Mexican-Pacific and Adjacent Areas of the Eastern Pacific Ocean at the AFS Monterey annual meeting.
1995. Sponsored 3 symposia providing an opportunity for nearly 75 individuals from Mexico, Cuba, and Central and South America to participate in the AFS Tampa annual meeting.
1993. Sponsored Spotlight on Fisheries Resources of the North Pacific at the AFS Portland annual meeting.
1993. Organized the Bridge to Mexico program to increase interactions among Mexican and other North American fishery scientists.
1992. Organized State of the World’s Fisheries: Report of the World Fisheries Congress at the AFS Rapid City annual meeting.
1992. Led the formation of the first World Fisheries Congress, held in Athens, Greece.
1992. Completed Directory of Mexican Fisheries Biologists and Ichthyologists.
1991. Established the Sullivan Memorial Membership Award to assist AFS participation by non-North American fishery scientists.
1991. Sponsored Management of the Highly Migratory Atlantic Swordfish: Outlook for the 1990s & Mexican Fisheries: Exemplary Studies and Opportunities for Collaborations at the AFS San Antonio annual meeting.
1990. Sponsored Pan-Caribbean Fisheries: The Needs & Opportunities for Communication at the AFS Pittsburgh annual meeting.
1988. Organized Fisheries Management in Developing Countries: Problems & Opportunities for the AFS 1988 annual meeting.

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